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Plan Your Art Party!

Creative Art Fundamentals Art Studio and School

cel--e--brate good times - come on -. . . and celebrate!

Celebrate your memorable events with Creative Art Fundamentals - CAF - at our Studio/School or in your home! Combine your happy party goals with a bit of art-making to create a unique party event for you and your invited guests, letting CAF help you to "celebrate!"
Plan a Party [private event] for all ages!

Minimum Participants = 6. Maximum at Studio = 8 [sometimes 10].

So, Let's Party!
Send your party planning requests - 7 easy steps - to [email protected] and tell us:

1) Which date - we confirm date availability.

2) Which time - we schedule a 3-hour party period.

3) Which location -

  • If at the Studio, reserve our one studio classroom for painting with the 6-person tuition required. You can also reserve a 2nd studio classroom. Please ask per E-Mail for the additional price. You can bring your eatable goodies and decorate at that 2nd studio classroom. Thank you also for following our recycling rules when you help clean-up!

  • If at your home, there is an additional fee for traveling accommodations. We ask that you (1) allow us to arrive @30 minutes before party time to set up, (2) provide an area safe for painting - protecting your valuables - and (3) we gladly repair our efforts, leaving your home as when we entered.

4) Which guests -

  • At the Studio or in your home, we require a minimum of 6 participants. Thus the base payment for an event is the respective tuition multiplied by six, no matter how many guests actually participate on the day of the event. [Maximum participants at the Studio is 8 or 10]

  • Party Tuition for each additional participant [above the minimum 6 requirement] is the same tuition for the respective age group.

  • A tuition discount is extended to all parties that have 13 or more participants on the night of the event.

5) Which theme - we are all practicing artists here; so send a photo or pick a theme and we will help you to select what you want to paint!

Then . . .

6) Which contract - we sign an agreement, through a CAF Party Contract emailed to you, that identifies expectations and agreements. Your consent is confirmed with the payment of the party deposit. {Please do not hesitate to send an email with any questions.}

7) Which payment method - we send a PayPal Invoice, requesting a 40% deposit of the expected minimum payment. You do not have to have a personal PayPal account to pay via this online method. You can also bring the deposit as cash payment directly to the Studio.

With the receipt of the deposit, your event is confirmed and efforts are initiated to provide an enjoyable painting event for you and your guests!

The deposit is included in the total payment, due - in full - the night of the event.

In the event of an "Oops!"
"Things happen! So sometimes, even the best plans do not work out as hoped.

CAF provides refunds in the following manner:

1 Week from party date - 50% refund of the received deposit and we will gladly reschedule to a more convenient date and time.

3 days before the party date - no refund of the received deposit but we will gladly reschedule to a more convenient date and time.

Additional Questions! Send an Email!
"Thank you for your interest in a CAF event." Your CAF Team.