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Ceramics Workshop Children and Adults

Plan for your Christmas Angel!  Come and design your own Angel - see samples below ...

Begin at the beginning! With your clay, wedge it, model it, design it, incise it and then it dry for firing. Later glaze it and fire it again to create your own Christmas Angel. Begin now in a workshop and create your Angel in time for Christmas ~ as a gift for a friend or for yourself.

Workshop Dates:

Day 1: SAT, 19 OCT 

  • 1000-1200 - "CAF Ceramics" class
  • 1200-1330 - Independent 30-minute Designing Sessions
Day 2: SAT, 26 OCT
  • 1000-1100 - Independent 30-minute Designing Sessions
     Pause {A two-three week waiting to allow for drying.}
Day 3: SAT, 23 NOV
  • 1000-1330 - Independent 30-minute Glazing Sessions


  • €40.00 = Ceramics 2-hr Class, including clay, glaze; x2 kiln firings + instruction.   
  •  €10.00 = Independent 30-minute Sessions to complete your design and to glaze                                                                                                                                                    your work; total sessions based on your creativity speed. 

Realistic Angel

Abstract Angel

Decorative Angel

- Limited Seats of x4 students; paid registration reserves seats. Age 13 and Above.

- Full Tuition Payment due by lessons conduct via "Euro (cash)" or "CAF PayPal Invoice."

- Prices via E-Mail: [email protected]